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The Overview

When you are finished, you will have your own study system – a set way of doing things each and every day that delivers consistent and predictable results.

You’ll know how much study time you have, how much you need, when you will study, where you will study, and the methods you will use to get you the best results for the effort you put in.

In PART 1, you will create a highly accurate study timetable.  You will have a detailed understanding of your time and your workload. You will automate it using the Shovel app.

You will always know the answers to these questions:

  • How much time do I have? Time is the biggest problem in college. You  already have a lot of things that take up your day. How much study time can you commit to after everything else you have to do. You’ll know that number to the minute.
  • What are the specific tasks I need to get done? You have a lot to get done in many classes. You’re going to know exactly how many tasks you have in each syllabus and set them all up Week One.
  • How long is each of them is going to take? Knowing what you have to do isn’t enough. You can’t plan without knowing how long each is going to take. No more guessing. You can estimate time and I’ll show you how.
  • Do I have time to get them done? Students have to juggle a continuously changing and complicated mix of readings, papers, projects, and exams. Some take minutes, others take hours, and some may take weeks. Knowing when to start and when you’ll be done is critical to a good plan.

PART 2 is about the best study habits. What are the best behaviors to help you be as efficient as possible when studying. 

  • WHEN am I going to study? Establish your study routine. Identify and commit to specific study times and not let anything or anyone pull you away from them. You’ll know when those are every day.
  • WHERE am I going to study? Remove distractions and study in places that provide complete focus on what you are going. You’ll find your spots and learn to love them.

PART 3 is about study methods. It’s about effectiveness. 

  • HOW am I going to study? You will use specific study methods when taking notes, reading textbooks, and studying for exams that will give you the best results for the effort you put in.

I’ll take you through these step by step.


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Why do we show you this?

To help you set a time mindset. Knowing how long a reading took you will help you predict how long the next reading will take. This will help you build an accurate study plan.

Btw, Shovel automatically calculates how long your readings will take and if you have enough time to get them done.

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