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Part 3: How To Study Effectively

You’ve made your study plan. You’ve got good study habits. Now it’s time to actually DO the work.

This section is about study methods. As I have said before there is a mountain of study tips and tricks out there to find. I can’t possibly try to cover them all here.  These are just the fundamentals. You’ll learn some simple techniques that get you the best results for the effort you put in. We’ll cover things in more detail in blog posts later on. 

We’ll start with the four main areas of college that almost every student has to deal with:

Taking Notes. You’re going to spend a lot of time in class, and it’s important that you do things in a way that eliminates distractions so you can take the best notes possible.

Reading Textbooks. You will do a lot of reading in college. Usually that means a textbook, but it will also include PDFs or other outside readings. Make sure you only have to read it once and that you prepare it for easy review.

Studying For Exams. Cramming should never happen. If you’ve been working your plan, exams will simply take care of themselves. They are just proof that you’ve been ready all along.

Papers. You won’t get through college without doing a lot of writing. The topic is broad and we’ll cover the basics and then more in blog posts to follow.

Let’s get started with the Classroom.


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