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Get your best grades in college.
Every class. Every time.

Your grades are about to go UP and your stress DOWN.

We have worked hard to identify what we believe are the main reasons why students struggle in college. It will probably be no surprise to you that most of them are pretty obvious and plague almost every student. The real question is why do students continue to struggle when the problems can be easily fixed.

We’re going to tell you what the problems are and explain the fixes. We don’t just give you advice. We also give you a set of step by step actions that you do the same way, every day. We’ll show the right way to really know your time and manage your workload.

Better yet, we give you the study planner to do it.

You’ll always know exactly how much time you have and how much you need to get things done. Every minute of every day. No more guessing. No more getting behind.

We then give you a set of simple behaviors to remove distractions and help you become as efficient and productive as you can. We’ll explain the specific study techniques that you need for taking good notes, reading textbooks and studying for exams. You’ll do everything is ways that help increase retention and speed review.

You will get better results with less stress and have more time to enjoy your college experience.

So why listen to me?

I was a lousy student in high school. I didn’t even graduate with my class. I’d be surprised if I even had a ‘D’ average. I was a drinker and a drug user. When I finally did graduate, I got a job pumping gas. One thing is for sure, pumping gas brings clarity. Luckily some relatives suggested that I try college and away I went.

College was hard for me at first. I didn’t have a clue what to do, but I was seriously passionate about my studies. I soon learned that success in college wasn’t so much about smarts as it was about time. You can do as well as anyone else, if you only have the time and a few basic study habits to make the best of it.

I worked hard and with a lot of trial and error I soon figured out the things that worked and started making perfect grades. I didn’t know it then, but I had a system. I had my own set of behaviors and study methods that gave me the best results for the effort. I started doing those and they worked for me.

Now I’m a college and law school graduate and a father of three college grads. I’ve seen it from both sides – the students who did poorly in high school but then turned it around and do great in college. (I was one of them)

I’ve also seen far too many really great high school students suddenly struggle in college. They started out with big dreams and the smarts and motivation to achieve great things. Yet far too many achieved less than their best. Kids you would never expect to have any problems. That’s a waste to them and to us.

My goal is to help as many students as I can get through with the best grades they are capable of.

No more selling yourself short, do dumbing down your major, no moving back home to your parents.

Why Students Struggle

There were almost 20 million students in colleges and universities in 2018.

Students have every kind of personal, financial, and academic problem imaginable.

So forgive me the generalization, but I believe that the main reason that students struggle in college is painfully simple. They just aren’t getting it done.

In most cases, it really isn’t the student’s fault. They arrive at college thinking that it will be the same as high school. It isn’t. There is more to do and it’s a lot more difficult.

They get overwhelmed by the workload. They have to manage their own time and are pulled away by endless distractions.

They may be working hard, but they aren’t working smart. They haven’t really learned how to study in college and trying to figure it out when they arrive is only harder.

I’m going to give you the lessons I learned.

There is a mountain of study advice out there and I can’t possibly cover all of the different study methods for every kind of class.

My goal here is to cover a set of common sense behaviors and a few proven study methods that apply universally to every student, regardless of major. These are the fundamentals. Just start with them.

This was my system.

Most of the things you’ll learn here are simple and concrete. You either do them or you don’t. Doing any one of them will help you improve, but doing them all will deliver amazing results.

Advice is good, but you need more to manage your college time and workload.

The study planner we give you is called Shovel. It’s the most powerful study planner ever created. Set it up the first week of school and live on it. You’ll be glad you did.

I’m not going to tell you that this is going to be easy. Some of these things I suggest may actually take more time up front, but I promise that your efforts will be rewarded at test time.

College is more fun when you aren’t continually under stress. Having a solid study plan will put you in complete control of your studies. Stress goes down. Grades go up.

Next, I’ll give you the overview.

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